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Listen With Real Player As Polly Calls A Deparmtment Store To Get Pants In His Size, The People Think It's An Employee Playing On The Phone. No Kids Allowed...Vulgar Language!!
3 minutes 0 seconds
21 minutes 38 seconds
On Volume 6, Tex Houston Calls The Post Office To Get A Zip Code For His Big Butt.
1 minutes 32 seconds
2 minutes 53 seconds
4 minutes 8 seconds
In this prank chris calls up the customer support line for Hanes underwear complaining his one pair of underwear is too small for his bottom....
1 minutes 19 seconds
11 minutes 17 seconds
"I have to cancel 'cause I had a little tragedy; I cut my foot off with a tractor..."
2 minutes 42 seconds
Brian Is tony and he also leaves a message on some dudes answer machine.
1 min 13 sec
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