Rickey Smiley Prank Calls

2 short prank calls done by Rickey Smiley. Bingo & Pizza Hut

Masked Funny Prank Callers - Subway - FUNNY FUNNY

The Prank Callers call Subway.

Masked Funny Prank Callers - Taco Bell

The Prank Callers call Taco Bell.

Youtube poop: You guys should call me Flyborg!

ok I was searching for things to poop when I stumble on a youtube channel that had a link to all the episodes of teeny titerins in WMV format so I thought "what the hell! I make a poop in fact Im going to let everyone on the youchewpoop forums know ...

Christopher Judge learns about furries.

Actor Christopher Judge from Stargate SG-1 asks what furries are when his co-star Michael Shanks mentions being freaked out after encountering a group of them at Dragon*Con. The audience and Michael's wife Lexa Doig explain it to him. His reaction ...

George Carlin - Things You Never See

George Carlin talks about things you never see. http://chrysanthemumsandkitties.blogspot.com/ http://chrysanthemumsandkitties.blogspot.com/ http://chrysanthemumsandkitties.blogspot.com/

The Wee Mahn - Glsgw


Will Hatcher's: Crank Dat Homeless Man

http://www.WillHatcher.com http://twitter.com/kingwillonius Homeless Man ain't got no rent Asking you for 30 cent If you got it, be a Gent And drop it here my friend Youll crank dat homeless man Youll give me 50 cent Youll crank dat ...

The Greatest Walmart Prank

Roy Wood Jr.(prank Call) Baltimore Paramedics

Leo Deblin calls a pissed of mom saying her daughter is rude and crazy and get's it from her. He is toooooo funny !!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!! :)

Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call Somking in the Church

Revrend Azibo calls a lady saying that the congregation say's she smoke too much dope and her teeth is so yellow you could rub on a waffle. She is very rude smoking the dope. This prank is hilarious!!!!!!!!! lol

MapleStory: HolyClericZ Vid4 - Prank Callers

MapleSEA Bootes Presents: HolyClericZ 4th Video - Prank Callers DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE

Al Pacino Calls an Italian Hater

I asked CelebrityPrankCalling.com to prank my sister and they did :) She doesn't like Italians. They're rude. Especially this one. End of story. Credit: http://www.celebrityprankcalling.com (for audio/the call) and me for compiling the photos ...

Waskracht Underground Noise Pt 1

Old interview (1999? 2000?) with a.o. Peter Zinken (Odal, Fckn Bstrds) and Marc van Elburg (Hondenkoekjesfrabriek, Fckn Bstrds) - in Dutch. This is Part 1, check my other videos for part 2.

Guido Hatzis Plumber Prank Call

Prank Call radio plumber guido hatzis



Tuloy Pa Rin by Sponge Cola

*****OLD ViDEO***** Napagtripan ko lng po movie maker ko ^^ Just for fun lang po ^^ Clips used: Some scenes from Shippuden,Naruto Movie 2 "Legend of the Stone of Gelel" & Naruto Movie 3 "Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom" Music: "Tuloy pa ...

Shadow's CD Player

I just want to thank everyone for pushing this past 10 million views. I would NEVER have guessed that my first Sonic animation would be my most popular. XD For more of my animations, go to http://cacti.deviantart.com/ Made this a good while ...

The First Stage of God Realisation

[part 1 of 3] THE UNIVERSAL FORM You don't believe in God?... well, you're kinda standing on Him Song: Newton Faulkner - Teardrop MUSIC USED WITH PERMISSION (N.Faulkner HQ) http://www.myspace.com/newtonfaulkner This text has been edited ...

Ventrilo Harassment - Duke Nukem Style

Incredibly funny harassment involving some idiots on Ventrilo and a Duke Nukem Imposter. This video can be downloaded here: http://www.filecabi.net/video/Ventrilo_Harassment.html - ALL credit goes to Videocompilertest.

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