Dead Rising Webisode 4

Dead Rising

Negima Negi Springfield I'm Just a Kid

I made an amv about Negi from Negima and how his life is sorta heavan and hell at the same time using the song I'm Just a Kid by Simple Plan pretty funny lol I DO NOT OWN MAHOU SENSEI NEGIMA AND OR IM JUST A KID. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THERE RESPECTIVE ...

Prank Calls 2

Some more prank calls, still quite self-explanatory.

The ORIGINAL YouTube surprise first wedding dance (T&A)

we came up with this idea back in 2005. our dance was also featured on good morning america: (song names: johann strauss/blue danube; afrika bambaataa/looking for the perfect beat.) we don't know how to ...

Prank Calls

Some Prank Calls...pretty self explanatory Follow me on Twitter @prankcallstar Like me on

Prank Call - Vietnamese Commercial - Lance Krall

Starting Nov 16th, watch my show, Free Radio on Comedy Central! A Vietnamese restauranteur pitches a commercial to a local director.



the miller brothers rock AGT!!

these brothers are so cute and they rock! vote for them on america's got talent cuz they deserve the million dollars! cole is 20 and ld is 12. ld is such a harmonica genius and piers really loved him.

Real Life Vs. Internet

A animation video by some guys about Real Life Vs. Internet

Duel of the Fates 02

My first music video... be kind are NOT the father.

Guy finds out it is not his baby on Maury Povich. Too Bad for the girl, but this is way too funny due to the added audio.

Joe Mikulik

crazy manager throws bases

the best of cky extended

this is the bets clips from cky 1-4 (extended version) plz comment on this video and let me know what u think

Sound The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back by Robson Martins

Bass line Wilton Felder. Recorded: Fender Jazz Bass U.S.A 92.

Video Of Mirawas From His New Album

video of mirawas from his new album.

flinstones prank

funny prank

Saving Me- Nickelback

My first video! I just figured out my software, Here. So, I'm uploading the small version...Sorry if its blurry on full view. Some clips are from IGN, and the Song is Saving Me by Nickelback from the Album "All the Right Reasons"


going to the beach

Funkytown Video Clip

Clip on Funkytown song!

Beetlejuice Cribs

Beet shows off his home.

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